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Saturday, January 5, 2013

* Fiddle Fusion featuring Alba's Edge and Firecloud
* Jesse Gallagher Presents . . .

7:30p – Fiddle Fusion featuring Alba's Edge & Firecloud

On January 5th, Lilypad in Inman Square will play host to a multi-genre evening of music centered on the melodies of traditional fiddle music enhanced with harmonies, rhythms and musical approaches from a variety of other genres. Alba's Edge brings together Scottish fiddling with Latin, Funk and Jazz influences to create an exciting musical blend that BBC Radio Scotland called "a wonderful concoction." Firecloud combines the driving beats of techno music with live fiddle tunes and improvisation in a new high-energy sound. Their blend fuels a mutual passion for experimentation and a thumping sound for hot dancing.

Headed up by pianist Neil Pearlman, Alba's Edge is Scottish music with a heavy dose of Samba, Salsa, Funk and Jazz. The nationally touring group brings together Scottish fiddling, Jazz/Funk bass grooves, Latin percussion and genre-bridging piano playing to infuse traditional Scottish melodies with new ideas without losing their essentially Scottish spirit. Featuring Neil Pearlman on piano, Katie McNally on fiddle, Doug Berns on bass and Jacob Cole on drums, their unique approach has earned praise from Jazz, Celtic and World Music critics alike and appeals to an eclectic audience.

Firecloud's combination of techno beats, improvisation and fiddle tunes from America and beyond is a new sound that shows what happens when two versatile musicians decide that they want to do something…different. Julie Vallimont travels nationwide playing with the contra band Nor’easter and helped pioneer a new live form of techno contra as a founding member of the band Double Apex; Andy Reiner has played worldwide with heavy metal, folk, hip-hop, bluegrass, and Irish groups, and has also composed major works for string orchestra. Together with DJ Nanocannon (Andrew Hlynsky), the trio has created a coherent blend of genres that is sure to get you dancing.

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10pm – Jesse Gallagher Presents . . .

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